In 1958, two enterprising young engineers, Ed Pagano and Al Prinz (Ed-Al), decided to leave secure and responsible positions with a major rectifier manufacturer in order to implement some of their own ideas. Their initial products were a line of copper oxide and selenium rectifiers soon followed with silicon diodes. They pioneered the development of solid state diffusion, which led to the development of the bulk avalanche rectifier. This permitted the series stringing of diodes without compensating networks and stacking individual chips to achieve high voltage devices and power devices capable of withstanding transient energy.


It also led to integrating the individual chips into bridge rectifiers to produce maximum power in minimum space instead of using individual diodes, which was prevalent at that time.


Edal Industries went on to develop hermetically sealed power rectifiers in packages of D04, D05, D08, D09, and T03. These units were made to the highest quality standards using exotic materials such as a molybdenum discs to support the silicon chip with the closest CTE match, thus preventing thermal fatigue. All die are gold plated to assure excellent bonding and glass passivated for protection from the environment. The unique design of the all-copper base construction assures maximum thermal and electrical conductivity and allows for high mounting torque.


Across the span of five decades, our diodes and rectifiers have been designed into applications such as cathodic protection, marine and military applications, airport lighting, avionics, automotive, x-ray, industrial equipment, and even into outer space as part of the International Space Station.


Edal pioneered rectifier technology and today offers the broadest range of diodes, bridges, high voltage devices, and power semi-conductors of any manufacturer. This wide variety of rectifiers also allows Edal to easily customize our customers' circuitry and other requirements, often at no additional cost. Our technical staff welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with your technical, manufacturing, and procurement staff to design products suited for your special requirements.

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